Kino Otok 5 Date is Known!

The fifth edition of Kino Otok - Isola Cinema festival will take place from Thursday, May 29th until Monday, June 2nd 2008. So keep those dates available!


Dear visitors, we are happy to inform you that a completely new Isola Cinema website has been published in May 2007. We kindly invite you to continue your visit there! Needless to say, the new website is the one we will update from now on.

Thanks for visiting our website, maybe you should also consider coming to the festival sometime! To get an idea of what’s going on, visit our web galleries.

Isola Cinema Team

Isola Cinema 4: persistence of vision!

Dear film-lovers, colleagues and friends,

Below you will find the programme outline of our fourth ISOLA CINEMA film festival, which will take place from Thursday, May 31st until Monday, June 4th in Izola (Slovenia).

The key ingredients of Isola Cinema remain unchanged: set in the small town of Izola (located on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast) this five-day festival offers a relaxed - yet, at the same time, intense - full-time engagement with the Art of Film.

Isola Cinema is a small festival, and wants to remain so. Instead of an overcrowded schedule, we want to offer a certain vision of contemporary cinema, one in which we firmly believe. More than solely screening films, the festival believes that such important works deserve a personal accompaniment. It’s our view that no film-screening is really ‘complete’ without the presence of the film’s ‘author’, and so our policy - and our priority - is to have as many of the directors present as possible. » read more

Apichatp0ng cancels local release of his last film

Apichatpong Weerasethakul (guest at the first Kino otok presenting Blissfully Yours; and whose Wordly Desires was screened at last year’s festival) has cancelled the local release of his last film Syndromes and a Century after Thai censors insisted that four “sensitive'’ scenes had to be cut.

More on Apichatpong’s homepage.

Silver Medal for FC Isola Cinema

Kino Otok FC — aka FC Isola Cinema– won the Silver Medal at the International Film Festival Futsal Competition in Rotterdam .
After four winning games Kino Otok FC lost in the cup final against the joint Argentinean-Brazilian team.

We congratulate our team and wish it all the best in its preparations for the Isola Cinema tournament scheduled for early June!

FC Isola Cinema in Rotterdam

Kino Otok FC –aka FC Isola Cinema– kicks off the first International Film Festival Futsal Competition in Rotterdam.
The line-up of the team: Vlado Škafar, Olaf Möller, Mak Kapetanović, Joachim Leitner, Kevin Henry, Stefan Uhrik, Cyrus Frisch and Gertjan Zuilhof.

More at the Rotterdam Film Festival

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Isola Cinema 2007 programme and schedule!

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