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Clark Walker

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Lives in Austin, Texas. His previous credits include screenwriting on The Newton Boys (1998), for which he also acted as a co-producer, laboring for over four years, from concept to completion and through countless drafts of the script. Levelland is his first film as a director and writing the script was Walker’s way of looking back on his own experiences and trying to make sense of it. Walker came to Austin, Texas, in 1986 looking to get into film school. Instead, he met Richard Linklater and became involved in the Austin Film Society, a nonprofit arts group Linklater and friends had started the year before. Part of the core group of seven friends that made the independent hit Slacker, Walker went on to various production jobs on documentaries, commercials and music videos in addition to feature work, including crew positions on nearly all of Linklater’s subsequent films. All the while he worked on screenplays, searching for the stories he felt had to be told. Walker, a member of the Writer’s Guild (WGA) continues to work on screenplays and is looking forward to his next project, be it writing, directing, or both. He is married to Anne Walker-McBay, the film’s producer.

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