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Moussa Sene Absa

Moussa Sene AbsaA multi-faceted artist, painter, writer, musician, Moussa Sene Absa switches easily between writing and directing, in the theatre as well as the cinema. He made his debut as an actor, then moved to directing with the production of his own stage play, La légende de Ruba. In the cinema, he scripted Les enfants de Dieu. His directorial debut, the short film Le Prix du mensonge, earned him the Silver Tanit at the Journées cinématographiques de Carthage (1988). In 1991, he directed a feature film in 16mm, Ken Bugul, followed by the shorts Jaarama, Set setal and Entre vos mains (1992). A year later, he directed Molaan and Offrande a Mame Njare, then the feature film Ça twiste a Poponguine, which won numerous international awards. In 1994 he directed a medium-length film, Yalla Yaana, and in 1996 a 35mm feature, Tableau Ferraille, which won several prizes, including best photography (thanks to Bertrand Chatry) at FESPACO ‘97. Even while he was busy preparing Madame Brouette, he produced a tremendously popular daily comedy sketch, Gorgorlu, for Senegalese television. His talent as a painter is also well established and his colorful, vibrant works have been exhibited in Senegal as well as in Europe and North America.

1988 Le prix du mensonge (kratki/short)
1991 Ken Bugul (kratki/short)
1992 Jaaraama (kratki/short)
1992 Entre nos mains (kratki/short)
1992 Set setal (kratki/short)
1993 Molaan (kratki/short)
1994 Yalla yaana (srednjemetražni/medium length)
1994 Ça twiste a Poponguine (celovečerni/feature)
1998 Tableau ferraille (celovečerni/feature)
2002 Madame Brouette (Gospa Brouette)

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