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abolfazl jalili

Born in Saave in 1957, Jalili began filmmaking while he was a teenager, and created a number of short documentary films on social issues and the war. The first feature film he directed was entitled Milad and his subsequent films were presented in numerous world festivals and won several awards.


2005 Full or Empty
1998 Dan
1995 A True Story
1993 Det Means Girl
1991 Dance of the Earth
1988 La Gale
1985 The Spring
1983 Milad
1981 The Sacrifice

Director’s statement

There are some people who always keep their smile, a Mona Lisa-type smile, even if they are very disappointed and sad after struggling through life and running around in vain. One cannot easily understand the true meaning of this kind of smile: does it indicate the pain behind it, or is it a sign of hope? Full or Empty is, for me, a Mona Lisa kind of smile.

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