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Hanny Tchelley Etibou

…Roger Gnoan M’Bala | Mohammed Soudani…

Hanny Tchelley is an all-around film personality and a central figure in the cinematography of the Ivory Coast. First she got her feet wet in music and dance at the national art academy and in 1985 graduated with a degree in choreography, but even before that she had been truly intrigued by film, which she fully surrendered to after finishing her studies. She was discovered by the biggest name in film in the Ivory Coast, Roger Gnoan M’Bala, who casted her in his film Ablakon (1983). At the end of the 1980’s and beginning of the 1990’s she appeared in a number of productions from the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Senegal, including Hyenas by Djibril Diop Mamb├ęty and Dancing in the Dustby Henri Duparc, in which she played the leading role. She continued her studies in communicology in the USA at the University of California in Santa Cruz and graduated with the theme of protection against AIDS. In the middle of the nineties she opened her own production house, followed three years later by the short film festival in Abidjan, which she still leads today.

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