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Join the volunteer brigade 2006!

Nervous? Can’t sleep at night? Have no real appetite for anything? Are you annoyed by a system in which money is the only thing that counts?! Join the Isola Cinema volunteer brigade! We’ll keep you busy 24/7 with hard labour and zero pay, except for our generous daily meals! You’ll be coming to your bed in the strangest hours of the day and fall asleep instantly, knowing that you’ve done your good deed for the day! And believe it or not: you’ll have a great time doing it and nice people around you to party with. Who knows, you might even get to see a film or two!

What has been going on in the brigade last year? Check out our
web gallery

A member of the volunteer brigade assumes full responsibility for his tasks. The Isola Cinema festival guarantees brigade members a free pass to all the films (if the schedule allows it), food, lodging and a festival t-shirt. So: if you like films, sunshine and the sea, if you are not afraid of work and new challenges, if you want to enjoy excellent company: join the people from all continents on the Island at the end of May 2006!

How do you join?

It’s simple. Send an e-mail to or dial 00 386 41 284 327 (Maša).

Your written application should consist of the following data:
Full name:
Home phone:
Mobile phone:
Are you a student:
Why do you want to work at Isola Cinema film festival and how can you best contribute:
A short presentation of yourself:
Experience in the field:
Special skills & computer software that you can use:

When can you help:

  • months before the festival (march, april, may)
  • weeks before the festival
  • during the festival only

What kind of work did you have in mind:

  • Hospitality (you have to speak french and/or spanish for this one)
  • Press center (writting newsletters, guest and media contacts)
  • Driving
  • Ticket office
  • Festival gadget stands
  • translations (which langauges suit you?)
  • marketing
  • public relations
  • technical support
  • volunteer kitchen
  • anything!

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