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Central site of the Isola Cinema festival is an open air cinema, set on the Manzioli Square, built exclusively for the festival by a team of professional constructors from Netherlands, the Openluchtbioscoop . The open air cinema makes the magic of the film come alive every night of the festival. The open air cinema is intended for the opening and closing films of the Isola Cinema festival, and for six other films competing for the Isola Cinema audience award.

This is where this year’s Isola Cinema festival has practically started allready: on May 17th the festival’s travelling island caravan has stoped there on one of its final stops in its dynamic route through Slovenia, Croatia and Frulia - Venezia Giulia. Art Cinema Odeon is going to be one of the most busy festival sites. The projections in Odeon begin at 10 AM and last all day, every day, until midnight.


Izola’s Culture Hall is to be temporarily rearranged into a Cinema Gledališče (the theater), intended for all day long film projections. Cinema Gledališče will start its projections at 10 o’clock in the morning, its final projection is going to take place at 6 PM so it can serve as a backup location in case of bad weather on the open air cinema on the Manzioli Square.

As the late evening projections finish, the film colonies migrate to the beach to socialize, have a drink, dance through the night and chat. This year the area close to the lighthouse, the “punta”, is going to be very lively also in daytime. This is where a lot of accompanying events are going to take place. The debates with the festival guests, related (or not) to the Happy DV workshop, children’s workshops (clay and dough sculpturing, rock painting, …), the festival book fair, film quizes and more. This is also where the festival kitchen is going to offer the dishes from a wide spectra of global cuisines.

Lively festival programme, the sea and late May all smell like a true film holidays. Close to the punta, in the shades of the pine trees, a group of our volunteers is going to set up a temporary festival camp, the Shrimp. A part of it is going to be occupied with the volunteer brigade, while the rest is for the true film lovers, who have allready purchased their festival cards. Since the number of vacancies in the Shrimp is limited, only the fastest ones will get the opportunity for true film holidays.

Take a look at the map of the sites:

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