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beto brant

Born in 1964, Beto Brant is among the filmmakers who have made their first feature-length films after the mid 90s, a time period known as the “resumption of Brazilian cinema”. In 1997, he debuted with Belly Up, a police drama shot at the border between Brazil and Paraguay. The film initiated the partnership between the director and Marçal Aquino, a writer and screenwriter.

From this collaboration, Friendly Fire is released in the following year, narrating the story of some ex-guerilla friends who reunite 25 years after being tortured by the military regime. In 2001, Beto Brant shoots his third feature film, The Trespasser. Based on the eponymous novel by Marçal Aquino, the film portrays crime and violence as points of contamination between classes in Brazilian urban society. Delicate Crime is his fourth feature-length film.


2005 Crime Delicado
2002 O Invasor
1998 Acao Entre Amigos
1997 Os Matadores

Director’s statement

Baptism gives us faith. Terror gives us doubt. Art expresses this awe. An awe towards ugliness or beauty. Antonio, the critic, has a calling to discriminate the mistake. The imperfection which hinders the plenitude of ugliness or the perfection of beauty. What calibrates his view is ethics, which is guided by his history. The critic, like the artist Campana, searches for his history.
Their stories are what they are. Sane or not. Lived or dreamed. Impassioned or not.

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