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Olga Oniščenko

Olga Oniščenko’s debut was a film by Olga Narucka and Anatolij Nikitin, Manka. In 1993, she is discovered by Alexander Sokurov, her co-citizen from Sankt Peterburg, and Olga gets a part in Sokurov’s cult Whispering Pages (Tihiji Stranici). Her next part comes from a unique European author, hungarian Peter Gothar. She acts in his film Vaska (Haggyállógva Vászka). In 2001 she gets a part in Sergej Bodrov’s Sisters (Sjostri).
It is quite obvious she is very careful when picking parts and co-workers. Her wide ranging activities in various fields of Sankt Peterburg culture mark her untypical film acting career.

» Interview with Olga Oniščenko on Isola Cinema 2004 festival


  • Granny (Babusja) 2003
  • Sisters (Sjostri) 2001
  • Vaska (Haggyállógva Vászka) 1996
  • Skrite strani (Tihije stranici) 1993
  • Notes of a Young Doctor 1991

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