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Ali-Reza Amini

aminiBorn 1970, in Tehran, Iran. Ali Reza Amini holds a degree in theater directing and also has experience as an actor. He made his first steps into the film industry in the early 90s. Avid for new experiences, he works on 8mm, 35mm and video. He worked as assistant director on two films by Bahman Ghobadi, Living in the Mist (1999) and Time of Drunken Horses (2000). He directed 20 short and documentary films which have been screened and won awards at international festivals. His first feature was banned from domestic cinema release, but established Amini as one of the most influential contemporary Iranian filmmakers. Despite not being allowed to leave it’s own borders, the film was seen and appreciated by most of the influential foreign experts on Iranian film.

“Iranian cinema has no end. In Iran, because of great culture and social and political situation, there is little difference between the films, made by different generations of directors. There are many young directors coming out, appearing at every moment. Nobody can see or predict the future of Iranian cinema. Many young directors create unexpectedly good art films. I could compare Iranian cinema with Brasilian football. Everybody can take a digital camera and shoot. Most of them have a completely new film expression and a point of view.” Ali-Reza Amini


  • 2003 Tiny Snowflakes (Danehaye rize barf)
  • 2002 Dark Angle (short film)
  • 2002 Letters in the Wind (Namehaye baad)
  • 2000 The Desert (short film)
  • 1999 The Rainbow (short film)
  • 1999 Here is Tehran (short film)
  • 1998 The Green Frame (short film)
  • 1998 The Teacher’s Home (short film)
  • 1998 The Letter (short film)
  • 1997 40 Pieces (short film)
  • 1995 The Case (short film)
  • 1994 The Gift (short film)
  • 1994 The Look (short film)

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