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Video on the beach 2005


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Every festival night a colourful pallette of various films projects (documentaries, animated or experimental) is going to be presented on a 12m2 big projection screen on the beach, right next to Izola’s lighthouse. The films do, however, have one thing in common: they were never enlarged on a 35mm film tape, whatever the reasons, financial, technical or entirely personal. The projects may have been smaller and less pretentious, but also more intimate and lyrical notes of a certain time and space, which required an extremely narrowed filming crew.

Some of the participating authors were discovered on other European film festivals, while for some others Video on the beach presents the first direct opportunity to face their own power of cinematographic tale-telling.

Video on the beach, being part the so-called accompanying programme, is going to feature complementary material to the official Isola Cinema festival programme, thus expanding its boundaries. It will also attempt to overcome an often (economically speaking) insurmountable gap that divides smaller and larger film “companies” and encourage their cooperation and compatibility.

One of the prime goals of this programme is to enable a flow of ideas and knowledge among the circle of creators, which don’t know each other but can nevertheless develop and mature only through mutual interaction.

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