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Tsai Ming Liang

Tsai Ming-liangBorn in Kuching, Malaysia, he graduated from the Drama and Cinema Department of the Chinese Cultural University of Taiwan. In the beginning of his fruitful career he worked as a theatrical playwright/produced an TV director. In 1991 he discovered Lee Kang-Sheng, who went on to become Tsai’s favourite and regular actor in almost all Tsai’s films. His second film Vive l’Amour won the Golden Lion for the best picture at Venice ‘94.


  • 1992 Rebels of the Neon God
  • 1994 Vive L’ amour
  • 1996 The River
  • 1998 Hole
  • 2001 What Time is It There?
  • 2003 Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Bu San)

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