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video on the beach 2006


  • Bad Mother
    , Blaz Slana, SLOVENIA, 2005, 15′
    A product of the emerging trash-movie scene in Ljutomer (NE), portraying a once famous cabaret performer Bernardette, who moves to the countryside to find that the locals do not particularly value her performances. She is also given a hard time by her teenage daughter - the conclusion can not be but bloody.
  • Speed Kills, Mitja Subic, Mitja Mlakar, SLOVENIA, 2005, 4′
    A “Do not Drink and Drive” message delivered by LEGO characters from LEGO land. A dynamic animated film made by an enthusiastic group of secondary school pupils from Maribor.
  • Honeymoon, Gorazd Krnc, SLOVENIA, 2006, 44′
    Petja and Gorazd take a camera on their honeymoon trip to Kenya. The country’s colourful scenery and atmosphere are supported by an inventive approach to editing which provides us with a portrait of a Kenya that will stay in Africa.
  • Blue Notes
  • , Alex Martinz, Krabaz, Meike Reottermann, Natasa Siencnik, Sophie Wagner, SLOVENIA, 2005, 14′
    The word blue alludes not only to the film’s scenery but also to the atmosphere that grabs us as we listen to the thoughts and wishes caught on film by a documentary film crew one summer afternoon at public swimming pool in Krsko.

  • Cinema Freedom, Daniele Trani, Maja Ziberna, Nik Rovan, Ruggero de Virgiliis, Sandi Pobezin, SLOVENIA, 2005, 10′
    The sound of the film reel, uncomfortable old seats and the ray of light filled with moving pictures and dust particles are also missed by film nostalgics in Krsko. A documentary about the decay of the local movie theatres.
  • Eyes in the Fog, Jadranko Pongrac, CROATIA, 2005, 30′
    A documentary about the legendary independent publisher Zdenko Franjic, who has paved the way for bands like Majke, Zadruga, The Spoons, Messerschmitt…


  • Paper Prince, Marko Kostic, Serbia-Montenegro, 2005, 20′
    A known theme of swapped roles, supported with fresh and smart dialogue. A thief is locked inside the apartment by a little girl - who is the intruder and who the captive?
  • Does it Hurt?, Marko Cafnik, SLOVENIA, 2005, 12′
    Boxing is Milan’s life. While an encounter with a beautiful neighbour presents an intrusion into his solitary life, the face-off with her violent husband presents his ruin.
  • In the Car, Marko Bajzelj and Gregor Andolsek, SLOVENIA, 2005 , 6′
    Night. Two men pick up a hitchhiker. The nightmare begins.
  • Walk(trough), Matej Vatovec and Martin Marzidovsek, SLOVENIA, 2006, 27′
    A young man is catapulted into a new (sur)realtiy with familiar characters who, however, take on completely new roles. After he accepts the new state of things, a new gate emerges on the horizon.
  • Tomorrow, Tobias Rahm and Marc Tobias Winterhagen, SLOVENIA, 2005, 5′
    A different time, a different place.
  • There is Always Sun after Snow, Pila Rusjan, SLOVENIA, 2005, 3′
    A tragic figure living in a solitary castle, repairs its mechanic hand with a padding made of snow. Unfortunately, winter is always followed by spring.
  • When Fire Burns Out, Ivan Gregolet, ITALY, 2006, 15′
    A striking intimate insight into the world of Auschwitz concentration camp survivor.


  • The Play, Pelin Esmer, TURKEY, 2005, 70′
    Nine peasant women living in Arslankoy, a mountain village in southern Turkey, spend their days working hard in the fields, on the construction site and at home. To lighten the burden of life, these women come together to write and perform a play based on their own life stories.
  • No Place Nowhere, Jose Luis Torres Leiva, CHILE, 2005, 70′
    An intimate voyage through image and time. A portrait of a suburb. A meeting between reality and fiction. A lasting search for truth, a music lesson. A bold documentary addressing the questions rather than the answers.
  • Something like Me, Mona Zahedm, IRAN, 2002, 45′
    During the Iraq-Iran war Mona Zahed, still a little girl, craved to understand the meaning and atmosphere of war. Back then, she was too young - “and what is more, a woman” -, but at the outbreak of the recent war in Afghanistan she was 26. It was a chance she would not miss.

  • M as Mirage
    , Emmanuelle Han, FRANCE, 2006, 50′
    A story about an encounter between a young French director and a Tuareg guide in the Tenere desert, which maybe just was not possible.


  • FRIDAY, from 10:30 PM on
    - Happy Camera 2005
    - Regional Programme I
    - International Programme: Oyun / The Play, Pelin Esmer, 70′, Turkey
    - Additional Programme*
  • SATURDAY, from 10:30 PM on
    - Regional Programme II
    - Performance by Major B
    - International Programme: Ningún lugar en ninguna parte / No Place Nowhere, José Luis Torres Leiva, 70′, Chile 2004
    - Additional Programme*
  • SUNDAY, from 10:30 PM on
    - Regional Programme I
    - International Programme: Chizi shabihe man / Something like Me, Mona Zahed, 45′, Iran 2002
    - Additional Programme*
  • MONDAY, from 10:30 PM on
    - Regional Programme II
    - International Programme: M comme mirage/ M as Mirage, Emmanuelle Han, France 2002, 50′
    - Additional Programme*
  • TUESDAY, from 22:00 on
    Boys Like Sexy Legs, Girls Like Ice Cream, Matej Ocepek, Slovenija, 70′
    Izbor kratih filmov/Selection of Short Films, Khavn de la Cruz, Filipini, 60′
    Glasba je časovna umetnost I.: LP film Pankrti – Dolgcajt, Igor Zupe,
    Slovenija, 48′
  • * Programme will be announced later.

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