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Stefan Schwietert

Born in 1961, Therwil, Switzerland. Graduated in 1979 and shot his first film footages with the video association Basel. In 1981/82 worked as an assistant director for the musical production of TV Globo in Brasil. Received a grant for guest study at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1983 and joined the academy for film and televison studies DFFB in Berlin a year later. His graduate film Jump from the Clouds (Sprung aus den Wolken) was nominated for the Golden Leopard Award of the Locarno International Film Festival 1991. After finishing his studies he started to run his own production company Neapel Film in his hometown and produced short films and documentaries. Lately he lives and works in Therwil and Berlin, working mainly on documentaries about music.


  • 1986 Das Topolino Projekt (short film)
  • 1987 Tapez 36-15 Code Gorba (short film)
  • 1988 Fualni 88
  • 1991 Sprung aus den Wolken (feature film)
  • 1993 Der Schatten ist lang (feature film)
  • 1992-95 Lost In Music (TV)
  • 1996 A Tickle In The Heart (feature film)
  • 1998 Im Warteraum Gottes (TV)
  • 2000 El Acordeon del Diablo (feature film)
  • 2000 Voyage Oriental (TV)
  • 2002 Liebeslieder (TV)
  • 2003 Alphorn (celovecerni)
  • 2004 Accordion Tribe (feature film)

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