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About Izola

Izola is an ancient mediterranean town with a lively history. In 1820 thermal spring was discovered in Izola, leading to the town’s earliest forms of tourism. Due to its coastal position, Izola and its Marina remain one of the centers of nautical tourism.

The old part of town rest upon what once used to be an island. Town’s unusual architecture depicts the exciting history of this fishing port - the tradition of fishing is still very much present in Izola’s tourist programmes and cuisine. The first settlers were present on the island as early as in the 1st century A.D.. Izola used to have its own citadel, but it was demolished in the 19th century to obtain the material for bridging the gap with the mainland. This port is known as the town of rebels. In 1253 Izola had claimed its independency and became a town with its own laws and government.

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