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Lidija Bobrova

Lidija BobrovaBorn in 1952 in Chita. Studied screenwriting at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), and went on to postgraduate study in screenwriting and directing (1987–89). Her debut film about a village family, Hey, You Geese, came out in 1991. The countryside is the common denominator of all her projects, on which she works mainly with non-actors. Her second film In That Land (1997), which shows the impact of the transformation of life in a Russian village, gained many international awards. She further develops this theme in Granny.


  • 1988 Uroslenje
  • 1991 Oj, vi gusi (Hey, You Geese)
  • 1998 V toj strane/In That Land (V tej deželi)
  • 2003 Babusja/Granny

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