ramblings and ruminations#2

walden, 29/05/2004 v kategoriji novice

a festival diary by olaf m??ller

half an olaf moller

More guests pop up: Mika Kaurism?¤ki, Asa Mader - who seems to make a lot of the females of the species mighty nervous… -, Shaji Karun, Girish Kasaravalli, and my special friend ??elimir ??ilnik - so, they all really came.
Apichatpong seems to enjoy himself immensly - Izola is probably a Godsend after the usual Cannes-terror. Also, the table-football is in constant demand: Another good sign …

Slobodan mentions over a cup of coffee that he liked La Maladie de la Mort -well, we’ll see.
I basically know everything that’s on today except for La Maladie de la Mort; but: I certainly don’t mind watching Merci pour la Chocolat again - it’s a pitch perfect film, finely tuned in every respect. Piravi, also, stands up to the test of time - always a nice experience.
Doing the Moro do Brasil Q-&-A with Mika Kaurism?¤ki was also a somewhat special experience: As my girlfriend, the one and only Querida Querida, is half Brazilian and madly in love with Finnish tango it felt like a reverse angle of my life to talk to a Finn obsessed with Brazilian music. Besides, Mika K. always had a special place in my heart: He’s one of the last people on earth to make cinema, and not films (that’s what his brother is doing).
In the evening: Well, La Maladie de la Mort certainly isn’t my idea of a good film. As I sprained my ankle this morning and already know the wonderful Dweepa I call it a day early in the evening.