A Minimal Definition of Non-Euroatlantic Film

walden, 21/05/2004 v kategoriji novice

Nikolai Jeffs for isolacinema.org

nik jeffs, festivalski kronikWhat, if anything, is common to the films of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America? The first possibility in the search for useful definitions of such films could examine their conditions of production. These are frequently curtailed by economic relations of semi- or underdevelopment that influence the technical, narrative, and genre possibilities of a given film. For instance, East European science fiction or fantasy (think of Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Solaris or the use of classical trick camera in the films of Jan ?ávankmayer) cannot compete with the expensive special effects of Star Wars. beri naprej | read more

Utrinki iz Cannesa

vanja, 21/05/2004 v kategoriji novice

Slika iz filma

Prina??amo vam sve??e novi─Źke in misli danes tamkaj??njega, kmalu pa ??e izolskega gosta Apichatponga Weerasethakula.
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