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Film Lisandra Alonsa osvojil nagrado na festivalu Karlovy Vary!

Lisandro Alonso, verjetno najbolj veseli (in veselja??ki) gost leto??njega Kino Otoka 2, se je ovenčal s ??e eno nagrado. Njegov film Mrtvi (Los Muertos), ki je bil prikazan na leto??njem Kino Otoku, je osvojil Independent Camera Award v sekciji neodvisnega filma na mednarodnem filmskem festivalu Karlovy Vary.

Kot so zapisali v sporočilu za javnost:

This minimalist film about a man who has just been released from prison and embarks on a long journey through the jungle to find his daughter is poetic and mysterious and has a strikingly intense and unique visual style.

The slow-moving minimalism of new Argentine cinema finds its poet and master in Lisandro Alonso, whose mysterious journey upriver in “Los Muertos” follows very similar lines to his feature bow, “Freedom.” This elegantly concise work, which certainly induces a meditative mood, will confirm Alonso’s unusual talent for a limited circle of admirers, but will need special handling and critical support to reach the larger arthouse crowd….

Deborah Young, Variety

Oglejte si ??e pogovor z Lisandrom Alonsom na Kino Otoku 2005:

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