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2004 odzivi gostov

It’s wonderful, at least after arriving from Cannes, where the festival is big, commercial. Here, people are kinder and much more enthusiastic about cinema. It reminds me of a Japanese festival, the first I ever took part in. I feel great in Izola and that’s largely due to a special feeling of intimacy and ease kindled by the people here.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul

I feel as if I hadn’t been at a festival, but rather at home. Where I am surrounded by good people, I feel at home. And that is how I feel in Izola.

Olga Oni??čenko

To make an example, in the evening, at the Izola lighthouse you can meet a Senegalese director, who is dancing, you find him interesting and the next day you go and see his film. That’s my approach and why shouldn’t it work for the festival as well? The very first edition of the festival had guests that only few festivals manage to host. And that means that the festival has good karma!

Jan Cvitkovič

The most wonderful thing about this festival is that it’s made by very young people who rejoice at the films and the directors that are here. So, these are people who care. And it’s good that people can come so close to the filmmakers. I mean, they are not mythical creatures, believe me.

Olaf M??ller

It was great to be in Izola and I’ll never forget it. Please keep in touch. I’m back in my town in Poponguine… Great! All the best,

Moussa Sene Absa

It was a very special experience to be with all of you in Izola and the energy I felt run through the festival and the organisation was truly special. Thank you for inviting me to be there and looking after us so well.

Muzaffar Ali, Meera and Sama

I remember the days that I spent in Izola as very wonderful and exciting. It is one of the best affectionate festivals that I attended so far and I also congratulate you personally for making the Izola festival a memorable one. Please get in touch with me for any help from India. I am only glad to extend it to you.

Shaji N. Karun

At the PaliÄ? festival (where I had to accept the position of the board president) we copied (not to say stole) the idea from Izola, that is to hold every evening a midnight film party at the lake. It is run by a young director, Tolnai Sabolcz, and when I was praising your festival, he asked me if it was possible to make a program – PaliÄ? Hosting Izola – as he is very interested in Kaurism?¤ki’s documentary about Brazilian music and some other films; you should talk to him. And we would also like to invite you two, three to come and be our guests, to eat fish goulash and greasy Vojvodina food and drink spritzer.
So? Best,

??elimir ??ilnik

Dear festival, it was really nice to attend you. Thanks! The program was great! And the company and the picnic! Your faithful fan,

Rada ? e??iÄ?, RIFF

Whereas in other arts, let’s say in literature, you can go to a bookshop and buy the book, with film you don’t have this opportunity, so you have to have film festivals.

Girish Kasaravalli

The atmosphere at the festival was marvellous. I liked very much the close, familiar relationship between participants and organisers of the festival. But I missed the presence of foreign journalists, who could present the festival abroad as well.

Ali-Reza Amini

Izola is a perfect location, it’s one week after Cannes and right now there is nothing that exists after Cannes. We need new blood, new people, new interests to keep cinema alive otherwise everything will just become commerce.

Asa Mader

Hello and thanks for coming. It’s nice to be here in Izola. Actually I was here for the first time 32 years ago on holidays with my parents. It has changed a little bit.

Mika Kaurism?¤ki

I don’t like festivals. I don’t go much to festivals. But I like Izola because it means meeting people. The same level of mentality.

Mika Kaurism?¤ki

I expect from cinema visions. A utopia. I want to have not only fun, but also another idea about how to manage my life, how to love, how to have sex, how to have relationships, how to concentrate on serious things, how to go through this life slowly – not in a rush.

Helmut Groschup, Innsbruck Film Festival

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